Paleo Nights 

I’m thrilled to announce that Crossfit Quantum will be hosting Paleo Nights – a night of fun, education and good eating with me as the MC.  Paleo Nights is a chance to get together and learn about paleo/primal nutrition, its benefits, learn new recipes, and make it more accessible to anybody!

Paleo Nights #3
When: Saturday March 27th, 5-9pm
Where: In the city.  Contact me for details


“Ethnic Foods”

Do you miss eating your favourite Thai or Indian foods?  What about those European Desserts?  I will be “Paleo-izing” some of your favourite ethnic dishes:
*  Taste new exotic flavours and learn how to make your favourite ethnic foods paleo.  
*  Includes a 3 course Paleo meal with wine pairings. 

Cost: $30 per person or bring a friend for $50 per pair! 

Hope to see you there!

6 Responses to “Events”

    1. 2 of us would like to attend this event. Details with location please! 🙂 Sounds awesome.

      1. Hey Claudia! This event was last year:( But I’m hoping to do another in the near future. I will post details and hopefully you can attend!

  1. That above website is my blog. We are in the midst of a paleo challenge at my crossfit gym, and part of the challenge was blogging your food and exercise. Anyway, just wondering if you will be having any more paleo nights this year?? Looks like a great event?

    Please let me know. Thanks so much.


    1. Hi Claudia! We will be having a Paleo Night again in November. We’re still trying to work out the details, but I will post them as soon as we’ve sorted it out. They are amazing events that get everyone excited about the food possibilities…they are also an excuse to get together and build the community at the gym.
      Good luck on your 30 day challenge – it looks like you’re doing great so far!

  2. John Smith Says:

    Happy New Year and all the best for 2011.

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