It’s officially less than 24 hours to my first Cosmopolitan Primal Girl event.  I am so excited!!!  I have to admit that at first when Crossfit Quantum approached me with the idea of MC’ing and cooking for more than 10 people (now up to 25-ish!!!) I was feeling more like Jessie Spano in the famous “I’m so excited…I’m so excited…I’m so…I’m sooo….SCARED!!!” scene from Saved by the Bell.  I’m not a chef and I am no Robb Wolf when it comes to nutrition knowledge.  This, coupled with the pressure I put on myself to make everything perfect had me a wee bit stressed.  BUT, once I started to collect my thoughts and map out what I wanted to put in the hand-out and on the menu, the stress eased up.  Then I tested every recipe with Semi-Primal Husband and other Non-Primal Friends with positive reviews, so I was feeling pretty good by last weekend.  Things were falling into place and I was feeling happy and calm about the whole thing.  Then this week hit and there has been some major drama at my real job (no I don’t work on the set of the Hills, although I was majorly disturbed by Heidi’s new face).  If you know where I work, then you may understand why this week has been a roller-coaster – mostly emotionally.  C’est la vie.  Through all the stress of my real job, I started to find that the anticipation and planning around this event is what has kept me positive and optimistic.  Doing research, writing the hand-out, buying the ingredients and beginning some of the recipes has been very therapeutic.  It is amazing what finding your passion can do for your well-being.   Words cannot express how excited I am for tomorrow and how positive the response has been.  I need to thank Crossfit Quantum for approaching me with this idea and trusting me to MC!!   Thank you Sio for responding to all my emails and helping me out big time with the hand-out and general organization!  And I’m going to say thank you to Semi-Primal Husband in advance for being so supportive and helpful.  He is my Zack Morris.  Let’s hope this event goes off without a hitch and results in many more!  Now the most stressful thing in my life is having to deal with the fact that this season of the Jersey Shore is over.  That, and WHAT am I going to wear tomorrow???