It’s Movember!!  In case you haven’t noticed, there are many dudes sporting the ‘stache and since the ladies can’t (or at least we hope) we decided to throw a Mo’Meat dinner party.  I cannot take credit for thinking of this, as it was the genius idea of Sio, part owner of Crossfit Quantum.  There was Mo’Meat indeed with sausages, bacon, grass-fed beef and mo’bacon!  It was most definitely a meat-fest and all for a good cause.  Big thank you to Sio for hosting and providing the Mo’festivities!  Big thank you to The Healthy Butcher for supplying the beef (100% grass-fed goodness).   I cannot forget Fully Primal Husband, who spent Friday night peeling Rutabagas and Turnips with me….thank you!   Nothing like spending a night at the Peeler with your husband.  Thanks to FPH for grilling 20 sausages at 10am on a Saturday too.  Last but not least, thank you to everyone who came to support the cause and for everyone who sported a ‘stache! Ladies included (you know who you are).

I was busy in the kitchen and failed to take any pictures of the mouth-watering dishes.  If I can get my hands on some pic’s I will post them.  In the meantime, drool over this Burt Reynolds pic.  I have to admit that I’ve been very busy lately, so the dishes that I prepared are not my own.  I borrowed with pride.  Here are the recipes that I used:

Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms
– Assortment of Sausages (Hungarian and Chorizo) – from Green Gate Farms who are at local farmer’s markets around Toronto.  I see them at Appletree Farmer’s Market on Thursdays.  BTW, they also supplied the bacon… it’s from naturally raised pigs (hormone/antibiotic free) and it is the BEST bacon i have ever had!

Braised Beef Blade Steak – this was the piece de resistance.  Braising sounds so fancy, but it is actually a very easy cooking technique and it resulted in melt in your mouth beef that was so moist and delicious.  
– Roasted Root Vegetables with Bacon and Rosemary – this one was actually my own creation and I’ll post the recipe soon.
– Fall Salad – this was inspired by this recipe i grabbed from the Food Network – I used raw shredded fennel and peppers, with roasted beets on a bed of arugula.  I also changed the dressing by adding some white wine vinegar.

– Pumpkin Muffins – from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook.  Buy it!

Now onto the Day 25 update! HOME STRETCH!!!!! YES!!!!  I have to keep this short, but hope to write more this weekend.  Things have been going great!  I have to admit that pulling off Mo’Meat was not easy without my coffee or celebratory wine.  There were a couple points in the evening where I wanted to strangle FPH and Sio as they discussed the merits of a wonderful Malbec.  I ended up drinking so much Perrier that my stomach hurt from all the gas later (sexy).  How is everyone else doing??

I'm pretty sure this is how I may look on Day 1

I’m about to take on the craziest and most intense physical and mental challenge that I have ever done in my life.  It’s not a Crossfit Competition or a Marathon…no, this is much MUCH worse.  This is something that I may totally regret starting, but I’m going to do it and I’m going to finish it.  Ready…..

I’m ditching coffee for 30 days.  AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know, crazy right?  Am I on crack?  Possibly.  This might be worse that Lindsay Lohan’s latest attempt at detox.  Especially given the fact that I’m about to start my Bio-Chem course.  I’m completely and utterly terrified to do this. 

Why are you doing this, you ask?  There are a few reasons:

1.  I am my own guinea pig…..Now that I’m doing Nutrition Coaching I need to be able to recommend things to clients that I have tried myself.  In my past, I have tried many different diets.  Today, I try different brands of supplements, various recipes, sources of meat and read lots of articles and books to understand both Paleo Nutrition and the garbage that ‘conventional wisdom’ still spits out.  It’s important to walk the talk and I cannot recommend things that I don’t truly believe work.  Thus, it is my duty to Haute Life and all future clients to endure these 30 days.

2.  Starbucks called, they want their coffee back.  Yes, I drink WAY too much coffee/americano’s.  My tolerance has skyrocketed and as a result, so has my consumption.  I probably drink the equivalent of an entire pot (12 cups) before 9:30am each day.  I don’t stop until my palms are sweaty and my leg is shaking.  I love that feeling….it totally feeds my Type-A personality to be ‘go go go’!  This is not good.  This leads to point #3…

3.  Detox.  I’ve been learning a ton about vitamins and minerals recently and one consistent theme is that excess caffeine consumption depletes important vitamins/minerals.  This is not good considering many of these important vitamins and minerals are related to mood and overall nervous system health.  I’m curious to see if I have a sensitivity to coffee and whether I feel better once it is removed.

4.  Paging Dr Drew.  I think it’ll make for a few good blog posts.  It’ll be like reading the transcript to an episode of Celebrity Rehab….picture me as that washed-up beauty queen who’s detoxing from meth and screaming at people to “bring me my juice!!” Except I’ll be saying, “Bring me my Fish Oil!!” and Dr Drew will be Fully Primal Husband sympathetically nodding with a pouty face and making me say affirmations every morning. 

Now that I’ve posted this, there is no turning back.  Day 1 is Monday November 1st.  I’m also doing a Whole30 , but that is not a big deal because I’ve done that before and felt great…in fact, I’m quite looking forward to sticking to 100% good food for 30 days. 

I should mention that I am still going to allow myself some green tea and other herbal teas.  I need the warmth. 

Sooo……WHO’s COMING WITH ME??!?! Anyone? Anyone??!?!  You don’t need to give up coffee like me….But if you want to do the Whole30 with me….hop on board and let me know that you’re with me!