Photo Courtesy of Sara Salahub


More Appreciation…recipes to follow:

Thank you to everyone who attended Paleo Nights – Meat Protein on Saturday!!  I am so grateful for all of your compliments (on the food, of course!).  As you know, we only wanted to cover the costs of the event – since the turnout was more than anticipated (yay!), we ended up with $100 extra which we donated to the Red Cross to support the relief for Haiti.  My company is doing a match, so that’ll be a $200 donation.  

Thank you to Sio for being the best hostess…as always!

Thank you to Crossfit Quantum for organizing this event and asking me to MC!  

Thank you to Sara for taking on the role of paparazzi extraordinaire!  All the pictures I have used are courtesy of Sara Salahub.  Check out her photo blog.

Thank you to my Semi-Primal Husband for being the ‘meat master’ and best husband in the world!

Lastly, thank you to The Healthy Butcher for supplying the wonderful cuts of meat and coupons!

Paleo Duck Hash on Crispy Lettuce Wraps 
Paleo Mini-Elk Meatballs in Sweet & Spicy Sauce 

Grass-Fed Beef Roast – used salt & pepper only. 
Paleo Rapini with Lemon
Puree’d Roasted Parsnips

Primal Pineapple Upside-Down Cake
Primal Cocoa Balls
Primal Gingerbread Cookies

If I can figure out how to add a gallery to this site, I will post all of the pictures.  

Looking forward to the next Paleo Night – details coming soon!