so that 1992 kind of way

Screw resolutions….I’m proposing a better mantra for 2011: “What would Zack Morris do?”  For the past few days (of my holiday), I have been spending my mornings watching 3 back-to-back episodes of my favourite show as a tween, Saved by the Bell.  As I thought about writing a post on resolutions, it became clear that resolutions are just annual ‘good intentions.’  I hate intentions.  Intentions don’t get you anywhere… Actions do.  Zack Morris is to be admired because this kid got things done.  If he wanted the teachers to go on strike so he could go skiing, he did it.  When Kelly agreed to go to the dance with some dude named Matt, Zack schemed and won her back.  He was seemingly able to accomplish everything he wanted in life during the span of a half-hour.  You must give him credit (and that giant ‘cellular’ phone he had).

Your intentions are only as good as the actions you put behind them.  Don’t just dream of getting something done.  Go and do it.  It is going to require some risk taking and it might be uncomfortable, but never let these things stop you from achieving your dreams.  You will make mistakes and you might fail along the way, but this is all part of the process.  Get back up and keep going.  Do not fear failure or rejection because otherwise you will never get anywhere.  Facing fear and rejection is all part of the process.  Do you think Zack Morris let small mishaps get in the way of his goals?  Hell no he didn’t!  He never let Mr. Belding stand in the way of getting what he wanted.

Everyday you should be setting small milestones which will enable you to go after your goals.  Whether it is to quit your 9-5 and follow your dreams, lose your muffin top or add 50 pounds to your deadlift, you should be taking small steps everyday to get there.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of work required to reach your goal….take it in baby steps.  Make a small to-do list everyday and cross off each task when you complete it.  I have been doing this for the past couple of months and it is very rewarding to put a check mark beside something that is getting you to closer to your dream.  Don’t get stuck on the treadmill of life and end up at the end of next year setting the same old resolutions.  Intentions will not get you anywhere.  And when in doubt, just ask yourself, “What would Zack Morris do?”

Wishing you all happiness, health and heavy back squats in 2011!