Let’s pop some champagne because it has been 1 year since I launched this site!  WOOO!!!  Here is a link to my first post on avoiding the dreaded holiday muffin top – timely and relevant once again.  Because I am a numbers geek, I must post the various stats….Here is the rundown on CPG to date:

– 100 posts
– 61 recipes
– 50 Fully Primal Husband testimonials
– 5 features in Link Love
– 1 link to Robb Wolf
– 1 link to Whole9 STM
– 1 anti-paleo comment – I was so excited about this!
– 139,425 total views
–  14 Oprah references
– 2 attempts at making the link between nutrition and Guns n Roses
– Infinite love and support from Crossfit Quantum

I’d say it has been a pretty amazing year and I’m excited to see where I will be in another 12 months.  There are going to be some changes happening as I migrate over to a Haute Life site, but I can guarantee you that CPG is here to stay (along with Fully Primal Husband) and I will never lose my voice.  I promise the same, if not more Oprah references next year.  After all, I need to get it out of my system before the Farewell Season ends!

Why the picture?  When I first started this site I was working for a company where I did not want people to know I had a nutrition gig on the side.  This is why I chose the caricature avatar, never used my full name or my own picture on the site.   Ironically, the caricature was drawn at my company Christmas party last year.  I changed jobs a few months ago and my new employer is well aware of my nutrition side gig and this blog.  He supports my side venture and allows me the flexibility to manage school, Haute Life and my corporate job.  I figure it is time that I change this avatar and start presenting myself for who I really am (on a superficial level)….a slightly hipster blond with a fondness for designer labels, a touch of self-tanner and eye makeup.  This picture pretty much sums it all up and encompasses the essence of CPG.

THANK YOU to all my reader’s and fellow Paleo/Primal bloggers who link me to their sites.  I toast to all of you and thank you for making 2010 so awesome!  Cheers!

PS: Really good turkey-blueberry breakfast patty recipe coming soon.