I found this picture and thought it was funny because it could pass for a Paleo Food Pyramid

Today marks my first day of Whole30 + no coffee.  How are you doing?  I know there are a few crazy coffee-kickers doing this with me….I want to hear how you’re feeling!

I am a zombie.  I think my brain looks like Mary Kate Olsen….wilted, frail and heavily covered.   I have a test later tonight and I’m having a hard time recalling the material, so I’m hoping for a brain miracle.   It didn’t help that I had to be at the 6am Crossfit class this morning, where I would normally sip a freshly brewed coffee whilst doing my lift.  Not today.

But it’s not all doom and gloom…..I have had NO withdrawal symptoms.  I was warned that I may experience a bad mood and bad headaches.  Neither of these have happened (yet)!  I am hoping I’m immune to these effects.

Thanks to a suggestion from a couple friends, I also had a major shopping spree at David’s Tea – conveniently located a block from my house.  I had no idea Tea could be so awesome!  I got some Malibu Coconut tea, Nutty Tea (which tastes like fresh roasted almonds and apples with cinnamon) and some Turkish Delight because it’s the closest thing I’m going to get to a real Turkish Delight.  What about the caffeine you ask?  Here are my rules:

– I’m allowed 1 black/white or green tea per day.  They have <40g of caffeine.  That is about 80% less than what I was consuming with coffee.  Trust me, it did not help to ‘wake’ me up.
– I can have unlimited herbal and caffeine free teas.
Do you think that’s cheating?

I have to keep this update short because I’ve got class, but I wanted y’all to have an update.  I’m still alive and I haven’t crawled out of my skin yet.  1 day (almost down).