Our counter was getting quite cluttered…with my super-power food processor, our onion & garlic basket, a huge squash, our broken coffee maker…..and a toaster.  I said to Fully Primal Husband, “why do we even own a toaster anymore??”  It’s just gathering dust…much like my “Weight Watchers” cookbook that I haven’t cracked open in years (thank god!).  I can’t recall the last time that we made toast, let alone had anything to toast in the toaster.   Fully Primal Husband replied, “I don’t know…I don’t think we should throw it out though.”  And I said, “why not?  Let’s trash it and I can write a blog post about it!  I’ll start a mutiny against toasters!!!”  This was several weeks ago….Fast forward to tonight:

Our coffee maker just broke and I’ve got an old mini cuisinart that is also broken sitting on the counter.  I came home from work to find the coffee maker just sitting in the trash can – FPH put it there.  I know, I know…probably not the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of used appliances, but tonight is garbage night and we had hit our clutter-breaking point.  I suggested that since we’re now putting appliances in our trash, we might as well toss the mini-cuisinart too.  And then I said, LET’S JUST GET RID OF THE TOASTER.  No response.  I left the room to go do some things and sat down on the couch.  Fully Primal Husband came in from taking out the trash and said, “Check out the counter…you’ll be amazed at how much more space we have.”  HALLELUJAH!!  FPH threw the toaster out!  My dream of a toaster mutiny has finally come into fruition….today is the day!

So I ask you, do you still own a toaster?  WHY? WHY?!?!?  Are you committed to this no-grains thing or what?  You’re not going to turn back are you?  Show your commitment and join me in the Toaster Mutiny!

Arghh!!!!  (like a pirate).