I closed my trip to San Diego with Robb Wolf’s Paleolithic Solution Seminar at Team Crossfit Academy in Monrovia, CA.  The stars aligned in my favour as I was able to schedule my trip around this seminar – Monrovia is a 2 hour drive northeast of SD.  I saw Robb about a year ago in Toronto when he was doing the CF Nutrition seminars which had a heavy focus on Zone proportions and left me with my head spinning as I tried to add up ‘block’ fractions with my almonds (that lasted about a month before I switched back to unweighed/unmeasured eating).  I wanted to see the new material and get a refresh on the stuff that I had already seen.  The seminar covers a detailed rundown of your endocrine system, the relevant hormones that effect your health, your digestive tract, cortisol and insulin management and practical applications for applying these practices to your (and your client’s) life. I’m not going to write a kiss-ass review of the seminar because I think you can figure out on your own that it is totally awesome and most definitely worth attending – even if you saw his previous seminar.  Whether you are completely foreign to Paleo or experienced, you will get a lot out of this day.  What I want to share is something that Robb asked of us at the end of the seminar…as readers of my blog, I want you do this:

1.  Order the book and buy copies for your family/friends.  If you are in Canada, you can pre-order it from amazon.ca or chapters.ca.
 Check out this promotional video if you are not convinced or you need help convincing others.
2.  Read the book.
3.  Here is where the work comes in….write a user review on amazon.ca AND chapters.ca (or the comparable US site). Reviews are what drive interest and sales  – I think this is especially important on the Canadian sites since there are rarely any user book reviews posted.  I’m sure it will be a glowing review, but be honest if you didn’t like it or think there were pieces that could be improved upon.  Robb is EXTREMELY generous with his followers or ‘groupies’ – he gives free weekly podcasts, he takes the time to answer every question (even the ridiculous ones) on his FB wall and blog despite the fact that people could easily google the answer themselves, and he just genuinely cares about helping people – now is our time to show him our appreciation and give back.  He even gave out 10 copies of his book at the seminar (which he doesn’t even have a copy of yet) – unfortunately I was not one of the lucky winners and Robb told me afterward (after I mentioned that I came from Toronto) that I should’ve received one for travelling the longest distance.  waaahhh:(

Showing our gratitude to Robb is one thing, but I’m also telling you this because I believe we might actually have an opportunity to make some noise with this book and hopefully get more ‘people of influence’ (ie: doctors, health practitioners, government etc) on board with evolutionary nutrition.  The pendulum continues to swing in favour of the high-carb/low-fat/less-meat pyramid and it is making people sick.  We have the chance to change this by bringing attention to this book and promoting it outside of the crossfit or paleo/primal cult.  Let us make people aware that this actually works and that it is not a fad, but a long-term solution to achieving and maintaining optimum health and wellness.  There is a big chance that this might become a New York Times bestseller – if Paris Hilton’s book can do it, I sure as hell hope this one can.

Now that I’ve said my piece, I’ll share some CPG style notable events of my trip to Monrovia:

  1. The QOD (quote of the day) from Robb was, “It’s so much easier to sell coke and hookers to someone than health.”  Amen brother.
  2. If you limit yourself the scan/seek buttons on the radio you will hear the latest Eminem song at least once every 10 minutes.
  3. As I drove through San Dimas I yelled to myself, “San Dimas highschool football rules!!”  “Wild Stallions….(insert air guitar)”.  Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure anyone?
  4. When you’re starting to zone out, blasting “Welcome to the Jungle” and screaming along with Axl, specifically the opening cry of “Do you know where you are??!?! You’re in the jungle baby!!” helps wake you back up.
  5. I was really excited to see that the speed limit on the I-15 north of San Diego is 70…that’s 115km/hr.  It’s practically the autobahn.

As Vince from Slap-Chop famously said, “We’re going to make America skinny again.”  Now what are you waiting for? Go order the book!