i should've worn heels....i look like a gymnast next to Dallas & Melissa


I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Whole9 workshop AND their first Trainer workshop at Crossfit Colosseum in Toronto this weekend.  I had been a fan of Melissa’s blog Urban Gets Diesel before she and Dallas started Whole9 – she is one of my ‘blog-idols’ as her writing is intelligent, sassy and incredibly witty – so I was pretty excited to meet the real deal in person.  

One thing I want to clear up right off the bat…In the words of Derek Zoolander, Dallas and Melissa are ‘really really REALLY good looking’.  The dictionary definition of ‘fit and healthy’. I don’t mean to be superficial, but I felt the need to state that point.  They are also really down-to-earth, incredibly friendly and generously offered me their time to provide me with valuable advice on my own career path and goals.

I’m not going to talk about the content of their seminar because you can see a rundown on their website.  I’m also not going to talk about the trainer workshop, which was a whole other experience of awesomeness.  I want to use this post to tell you why you should go to one of their Whole9 workshops.  In 3 words, here is what they do best: Keep it simple!  

If you’ve not had the opportunity to attend any of the nutrition seminars going around the crossfit universe, then you should make a point of going to this one first.  It’s a fantastic overview and introduction to the concepts behind why certain foods make you healthy, while others are damaging to your health.  They also spend a great deal of time showing you how to PRACTICALLY implement it into your life without depriving yourself or requiring you to own an electronic scale and accounting calculator.  Dallas and Melissa do an amazing job of taking what are complicated concepts and making them simple and easy to grasp. Your brain won’t swell up by overloading it with words you can’t spell and you WILL NOT have horrifying reminders of why you dropped science after grade 9 (freshman year for all you Americans).    I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their health or help others in their life get healthier.  You don’t need to be in crossfit or even know what crossfit it.  This is for ANYONE and EVERYONE.  

This is why I’d recommend it to people who already know their stuff: I’ve been to Mat Lalonde’s seminar and Robb Wolf’s seminar (which are both amazing) and have read a plethora of nutrition books/articles, so I’m confident with the concepts that Dallas and Melissa discussed.  But I learned so much about how I take that information and explain it to friends, family and clients in a simple, concise way with no BS.  One of the things I sometimes struggle with is trying to explain why I don’t consume dairy/grains without using words like ‘casien’ and ‘lectins’.  You can quickly start sounding like you belong to a cult much like scientology when you talk to normal people this way.  Dallas and Melissa gave us so many simple explanations and analogies that I can now use to explain these concepts to people like my mom or even new clients at the gym.  If you want to be able to promote why Paleo/Primal principles are the best for your health, then you need to go to this seminar.    

I’m seriously fired up about taking what I have learned and sharing it with the people in my life and future clients.  It’s inspired me to work on some of my own analogies and a “paleo elevator pitch” (stay tuned for that).  I’m also incredibly grateful for the experience that I had with Dallas and Melissa and the advice that they offered me.  Lastly, I’m also very happy to have been able to hang out with people who are also really really really good looking.