Theresa aka T-Bird feeling much lighter post Leaning!

Mike aka "No longer semi-primal husband"

Last week we announced the male and female winners of the Crossfit Quantum Spring Leaning Challenge.  It was a tough decision and literally came down to a photo finish.  Everyone had dramatic changes, but at the end of the day we could only have 2 winners.  Today you get to meet our winners and hear about their experiences:  

Meet our female winner Theresa aka T-Bird who dropped 18 pounds and lost 8 inches!  Woohoo!!  The before and after pictures were even more amazing, but we won’t be sharing those to the world.  Theresa was a fierce competitor who stayed strong through the entire challenge and saw massive performance improvements. Our male winner was none other than Semi-Primal Husband who lost 14 pounds and 5 inches!!  My husband shrunk by 5%!  I will have you know that he did it all on his own….i did not pressure him, starve him or take away his precious rye bread.  He may have had the benefit of my cooking, but he brought the will power and motivation. Congratulations to you both!  Here they reveal the secret to their successes and answer the burning question, “are you going to stick with it?”   Enjoy!

1.  I’ve got to know if you achieved the crossfit tri-fecta: 
How do you look?
(Theresa): People all over have noticed my changing body, I have easily dropped a size in my uniform at work and none of my clothes fit me.

(Mike): Most people would say I best resemble an 50/50 mix of Derek “Wheels” Wheeler of Degrassi fame and He-Man

How do you feel?
(T): I feel amazing, I am so pleased with the results of the spring lean and my mood reflects it.
(M): I am a golden Finnish God!

How are you performing?
(T): I continue to improve daily at the gym, my cycling has begun to feel effortless, (if the wind is at my back) and slowly my knees continue to improve.
(M): Is this a sexual question?

2.  What foods were your vice before the challenge? Do you still miss them?
(T): Pretty well all foods esp. sweet and salty, one of my biggest challenges was feeling that I needed to eat all the time and eat to the point of feeling overly full. I find myself full much more quickly and satiated with less food. I defiantly don’t miss that over stuffed feeling. I have no desire to binge on junk any more.
(M): My biggest daily vices were cream in my coffee and rye bread for breakfast. I also loved all kinds of cheese, rice pudding and had a pretty hardcore ice cream addiction.  I don’t really miss the cream in my coffee, but I occasionally crave bread and I still miss my weekly dose of Summerhill Market’s rice pudding and ice cream (yes, I would often eat my rice pudding avec a heaping scoop of vanilla ice cream).

3.  Was there anything you couldn’t give up?  Be honest!
(T): I did indulge in some red wine and a couple of small bits of chocolate on the weekend when my honey was swilling beer and shoveling chips
(M): The Booze! I was pretty strict in the food department, but pretty much every weekend I caved to my cravings for Guinness, Steam Whistle or a glass (Read: Bottle) of Red Wine.

 4.  What was your biggest performance improvement or achievement?
(T): I have achieved so many improvements across the board that its hard to pick one, my new found ability to do an overhead squat was crowned with a 95lb lift which was almost a 50% improvement from a month before. The one that surprised me the most was the unassisted pull -up.
(M): Getting my Dead Hang Pull Ups and boosting all of my 1 and 5 rep max’s for lifts.

5.  What changes in your diet/lifestyle are you going to maintain?  Do any of these suprise you?
(T): My plan is to remain eating Paleo as much and as often as possible. I plan to have the occasional treat but avoid the whole grain thing as much as possible. My ability to sit with a tray of treats in front of me has me amazed at my will power.
(M): I’m going to try my best to stick to the full paleo lifestyle 95% of the time. I was pretty shocked at how little I missed the cream in my coffee and I’ve also been surprised that I’ve been able to forgo bread and cheese as easily as I have….

6.  What advice would you give to people just starting to eat paleo?
(T): I started slowly and when the spring challenge happened I was “ready” for it. I found having access to recipes and support very helpful. The options for pasta/rice substitutes (cauliflower and kelp noodles)  were very helpful, and the options with these two foods are limitless. I was very dedicated to the “rules” of paleo and believe that having the will power to stick with it is was allowed me to have such amazing results. I didn’t  often feel that I was missing out on something but rather I was getting healthy, and man that felt good.
(M): I found variety to be my key to success, be adventurous with your foods and you’ll never be bored. I really enjoyed trying a wide range of proteins particularly some of the game meats (Elk, Bison, Ostrich etc.) along with some of the more economical cuts of beef Clodhammer Steak, Flank Steak
etc. I also tried to change up my vegetable and fruit selections fairly frequently.  

7.  How are you going to spend your winnings?
(T): Clothes that fit. Maybe I’ll splurge on converse runners as Rx’d
(M) In the word’s of legendary CBS Sportscaster Pat O’Brien….”Let’s get some coke and hookers! Let’s get crazy!”

8.  Anything else you want the world to know?
(T): I did it and so can you!
(M) Fun Fact: I have an abnormally large head…..

Congratulations to both of you and everyone who participated in the challenge!  Keep up the great work!!