The end of the Crossfit Quantum Spring Leaning is tomorrow.  Before I do a post on that, I’ve been reflecting on all the quirks that come with being Primal.  Here is a list of my top 10 – aka, 10 signs you’re fully Primal:

  1. You make a really good designated driver
  2. You don’t hesitate to eat meat with your hands, sometimes rare meat, sometimes while driving or in a meeting
  3. Your co-workers come by to see what you’re eating at lunch everyday – kind of like a freak-show.  (Suckling pig with cauliflower-cous has been my best work lunch to date)
  4. When you go to a restaurant, your order reads like a Shakespeare monologue, “side of veggies, steamed….can you hold the butter?  can you remove the cheese?  Can I get chicken with that? dressing on the side. oh wait, can you sub balsamic instead of the honey-mustard? Water.  Yes, just water.”
  5. 3 / $2 avocados!!!!!!! 
  6. $4 kelp noodles!!!!!!
  7. Going to buy supplements/vitamins is your retail therapy.  “oooohhhh! You sell natural calm!?!”
  8. Your sole purpose for owning a shot glass is for your fish oil.
  9. You have a mini-meltdown if you run out of fat or protein sources.  OMG, we’re out of coconut oil!  we don’t have any nuts! You ate the last 3 eggs!! GAH!
  10. Guacamole is your condiment of choice.  For everything.

Feel free to add more to the comments section….this list could go on forever!