YAYAYAYAY!!!!!  YAY! Congrats to all our Crossfit Quantum Spring Leaners for making it through the 30 day induction period!!  We’ve already seen some huge gains (or losses!) from some of our participants….Big gains in PRs, LOTS of deadhang pull-ups, and lost inches and pounds!  Congrats to our 1/2 marathon runners who took on their first Paleo-powered run this past weekend!  AND a big shout-out goes to Crossfit Quantum member and fellow paleo-enthusiast Elanna who made it through to the Crossfit Games in California!  We’ve still got 3 weeks left until the challenge ends and that means there is time for even more wins. I’m so happy for everyone so far!

Now that the first 30 days are done, it’s time to check in on your progress. The big questions are: How are you feeling?  How are you looking?  Is your performance improving?  Hopefully you’re seeing positive improvements in all of these areas.  And if you’re not, don’t worry, because we’ve got 3 more weeks to keep workin on it!

The end of the first 30 days also means that we move onto Phase 2.   Phase 2 is where you can introduce some things back into your diet and allow for some ‘cheats’.  Phase 2 is the perfect time for you to figure out the best way to adapt clean eating into your life so that it sticks beyond the challenge.  

Depending on your goals or if you’re looking for more dramatic and fast changes, then sticking with the induction guidelines would be best.  You have to decide what you want to do based on your goals. 

Check out the Spring Leaning page for specifics on Phase 2.  After you’ve checked those out, here are some tips for success:

  1. Try 1 Day and Wait and See:  If you want to try adding some dairy back into your diet, add it in for one day and wait and see how you feel.  How is your tummy?  How’s your #2?  Not so good? You might find that you’re sensitive to dairy…I did this test and realized pretty quickly that I have a sensitivity if I have too much.  If you seem to be OK with some Dairy, it should be in limited amounts and quality is key.  Dairy induces an insulin response and not healthy for your gut – this is why we recommend that you keep it out, however I understand that coffee tastes better with a wee bit of cream/milk (especially Tim Hortons! That stuff is like cow pee when you drink it black….so gross). 
  2. Aim to be perfect 100% of the time and net out at 80%-90%.  Allowing for some ‘cheats’ is psychologically rewarding and a great way to have balance in your life.  Having some drinks or a treat once in a while is totally fine.  Put your best effort into making everyday perfect, but when you’ve got a bad craving or social outing don’t feel guilty about indulging…..just keep it to between 10-20% of the time.  So if you eat 3 meals per day, you have 21 opportunities to eat during the week.  Therefore, you could have about 2-3 cheats.  Unless your cheat is a big binge, then limit it to one time.  You get the idea….Use your discretion and always keep your goals in mind.  Check out my Recipe Index for some Paleo-ized desserts!
  3. Don’t fall totally off the wagon!  It’s so easy to kick off your Paleo shoes and celebrate the end of the first 30 days by binging on cupcakes, wine, pizza, beer, chocolate bars and chips (maybe it’s just me who does stuff like that? i can be a savage.).   Be smart about it….don’t turn a treat into a bender or a big binge.  You can undo your work so much faster than it takes to get there.  I know I can easily pack on 5 extra Lbs in a weekend, but it would take me a month to lose it.  Don’t forget what you’ve worked so hard for!  Don’t forget how you all felt on Day 1 after your pre-challenge binge…sugar asthma!?!?! And don’t forget how you felt when you got that PR, pull-up or didn’t need to wear a loose blouse to cover your muffin top!
  4. Start thinking beyond the challenge.  This is a permanent lifestyle change that will lead to long-lasting health and wellness – now is the time to start planning how you’re going to keep working this program into your life.  Think about what’s working for you and what is not.    If you’re not happy with certain aspects of eating clean (bored? not seeing results?), now is the time to ask for some guidance and support.  

And finally, some deep thoughts from Semi-Primal Husband who is participating in this challenge and has made huge improvements in his eating (I’m so proud!):

“I thought I would miss cream in my coffee the most, but I don’t think I’ll go back to having it.  I’m really enjoying my Americano black.”
“Those olives (stuffed with almonds! paleo bonus!) are really satisfying.  You need to eat stuff like this to satisfy your cravings.”
As we’re eating bacon-wrapped Elk tenderloin…“This is the kind of thing you should give someone starting this challenge to show them that eating this way can feel indulgent and that it doesn’t need to be boring”
“I still miss my beer.” 

Keep up the amazing work everyone!!