Remove the temptations!

Monday is the first day of the 7 week Spring Leaning Challenge at Crossfit Quantum!  That means less than 48 hours to get yourself ready for the 30 day induction period.  I know some of you are inhaling every last morsel of fried and sugary substances that you can find – enjoy it while you can!

We now interrupt for a CPG CONFESSION: I’m also having one last indulgence.  Well, actually 2.  The Healthy Butcher makes the most amazing sandwich cookies that are filled with cupcake icing – yes, i bought 2 and plan on eating them tonight, savoring every morsel and possibly licking the inside of the bag they came in or at the very least sleeping with it beside my nose so I can continue to inhale the sweet essence of icing until the morning.  That and a nice glass of red wine.

There is something about preparing to deprive yourself that drives you to binge.  Try to take it easy…you don’t want to go on an all out bender because it’s going to make those first few days that much harder.  Have your last few indulgences, but make sure they’re worthy!  Like Healthy Butcher sandwich cookie worthy.  Don’t inhale a bag of chips just because you think you should.  

Beyond your “last fix”, the first step in this challenge is to set some goals so that you can stay on track and work towards something meaningful to you.  Try to set fitness, body and mind goals.  Some examples would be like a new PR, dropping 1 size in jeans, sleeping 8 hours consistently, reducing cravings, getting rid of migraines etc.  The options are endless!  Make sure you write them down – I would love for you to share your goals on the dedicated Spring Leaning page.  

The next step to getting prepped for the first 30 days is purging your pantry and fridge either today or tomorrow – throw out or donate everything that is processed, packaged and low-fat.  Ditch the grains, legumes and anything that contains sugar or pseudo-sugars like Sorbitol.  MDA has a great post on “Primal-izing your Pantry”.    

You can do this!!!  And it’s easy….all you need to do is eat REAL FOOD – stuff that rots, came from the ground and lives and dies.  Don’t overcomplicate it…just stick to whole fresh foods and you’ll do great.

This will change your life and I can’t wait to see everyone’s fabulous hot bod’s on June 21st!!