Semi-Primal Husband and I are on vacation this week visiting Semi-Primal’s Parents.  Where you ask?  In the land where early-bird specials begin at 2pm, where your Medi-card will get you a 50% discount (to 25 cents) on the trolley (yes, a trolley), and where I found a bumper sticker that read, “If obesity is a disease, can I call in FAT?” (i found the image on Google!). Yes, Ft. Myers Florida.  It really is beautiful here and we’re having a fabulous time.  I follow a very strict rule of work hard, play hard so when I go on vacation I have to admit that I’m NOT Paleo Perfect – I like to eat the local cuisine and in this case, that’s the brownies from the Publix next to our condo.  I will redeem myself when I return – following a strict low carb paleo-zone block ratio for a couple weeks and then returning to my un-measured Paleo routine.  I’m also making sure I get outside and exercise – so far that’s included: 5km runs down the beach, hand-stand holds (on the balcony), plank holds, hollow rocks and push-ups.    It’s got me thinking about my 2010 fitness goals – you may recall my post on this topic back on New Years Day.  Here is a brief update on where I’m at with my goals:

1. Increase Squat PR by 15% – So far my 1 rep max from 2009 has become by 3 rep max so I know i’m on my way.  I’ve been working the reverse GHD 2-3 times a week and hitting my squats at least once per week.  
2. 5 dead hang pull-ups in a row – I’m at 2 2/3 – I say 2/3 because I get to eye level and then i need to so a small kick to get my chin over.  I’m still practicing these 2 times a week. 
3. 1 new recipe a week on the blog.  No problem.

I like to ensure that my fitness goals focus around areas of weakness and there is 1 area that I have not included this year and that I’m going to add to my list today: RUNNING. I hate running. Despise it.  In highschool I used to say that even if Paul Bernardo was chasing me with an axe you couldn’t get me to run.  I’ve come a long way from this statement having finished 1st in the 5k mud run with the ‘dirty blondes’ last year and doing many CF WODs with running (ie: Eva, Murph to name a couple horrors).  But I want to do more.  So i’m announcing that I am setting a new goal to complete my first 10km this year.  This may sound easy to some of you and you’re lucky if it is.  This is a big deal for me and will be something that I never thought I could do.  Every year I say I want to do a 10km, but I always seem to find excuses not to do one.  Semi-Primal Husband and I will be signing up for the Sporting Life 10km – yes, it’s mostly downhill but I’m using this as my 10km training wheels and it’s early in the season so I will do another one later on that is on more challenging terrain.  Now that I’ve announced it to the cyber-world I have to stick to it.  The lesson here is to face your weakness, work on it to make it a strength, set a goal and don’t give up.  

Anyone who wants to join me…let me know!