I always hated team sports growing up because I was never good at them and usually was asked to leave the team for skipping practice or quit because I was horrible.  When my friend and fellow Crossfitter, Lisa, suggested that we get together and play Hooverball I decided it was time to turn over a new leaf and try a team sport.  Hooverball is fantastic because it incorporates Natural Movements, throwing and catching.  Hooverball is basically like Volleyball but with a medicine ball that you throw and catch.  The regulation (yes, there are regulations) size ball is 6lbs.  You can read all the rules and history of the game here.  

During our first attempt at the game we only had access to a rubber 3kg medicine ball – bad idea! NEVER try that at home kids! Not only did I jam 2 of my fingers and bruise my foot, but i probably dropped a bra size from all the impact – and I don’t have room to spare.  Fast forward 1 week….we have a Dynamex ball!!  Soft, yet still regulation size…this ball was my best friend.  I also went out and got a pair of durable gloves enabling my fingers to stay warm and in tact.  I was so pumped playing this week that I busted out my rendition of MC Hammer dancing to the tune of “Stop…Hoover Time” (copyright Lisa).  I’m excited to continue playing Hooverball and hope that we can someday compete in a championship with a trophy or belt.   We’ve even got a Facebook group – that is how serious we are.

Note that during both matches it was -10 degree weather.  yay Canada!