I want to sincerely Thank Everyone who came out to the Paleo Nights event last night!  A huge Thank You to Sio for being the best hostess and for organizing the event!  Another huge Thank You to Crossfit Quantum for asking me to MC.  I hope everyone enjoyed the great food and company – And I hope you were able to learn something and enjoy a new recipe.  I promise to post all the recipes over the next day or two.  Cosmo Girl is taking a rest day today and will not be stepping foot inside the kitchen.  

I have not done the final count of money yet, but I believe there is at least $100 over and above the costs of food/wine which we will be donating to support Haiti relief.  I’ll post more details about the amount and charity in a couple days.  

I would love to hear from you with your feedback and suggestions for next time.  Or if you have any questions about Protein or any of the recipes, let me know.  Feel free to leave me a comment or send an email to cosmopolitan.primalgirl@gmail.com.  

Thank you again for coming out!
Cheers to more fabulous Paleo Nights in the near future!