Dirty Blondes take the 1st place girl team position!


It’s great to set goals for the New Year, but I also think people need to take some time to reflect on their accomplishments from the past year.  Give yourself a pat on the back for everything that you have accomplished before you make a list of everything you want to change.  Rather than focusing entirely on what you want to change or improve on, it’s also important to look at what you have achieved.  Here are my top accomplishments of 2009:

1.  Winning the Female Team 5k at the Mud Run!!  Dirty Blondes rule!  This is especially meaningful to me because I was notoriously in last place for running when I was in school.  This was like my way of leaving that girl in the dust.  

2.  No more assisted pull-ups ever again!  It took me 1.5 years to get to this point.  I made it a goal of mine to have 10 consecutive pull-ups by my 30th b-day and I achieved that.  I made it a priority in my training and was able to make it happen.

3.  Improved my squat PR’s by about 25%.  That is a huge gain for me because I hadn’t moved the needle on that number in months and squats are a weak area for me.  Again, I made it a priority and practiced it religiously.  

4.  Completed Angie and Murph Rx’d.  Angie may have taken me 34 minutes and I ended up with H1N1 and couldn’t move my arms for a week, but I did it.  When I started Crossfit, I couldn’t even do 2 push-ups.  The fact that I can do 100 in a WOD now, is something that I am proud of (even if it takes me 15 minutes!).

5. Explore new foods and recipes to truly embrace the primal lifestyle.  I never realized how much I love cooking and trying new foods until this year.  It’s quickly become one of my passions and it never would have happened without my desire to become a primal chick.

2009 was the first year that I didn’t say, “I want to lose weight” as my resolution.  Rather, I set fitness goals and as a result I lost weight and changed my body composition by focusing on the fitness goals.  Putting your focus and effort towards performance will most likely result in body changes.  Whereas, focusing only on your weight may not result in any performance improvements.  This year I want to set similar fitness goals.  With goal setting it’s important to write it down, set small milestone’s and a goal date, and put a plan in place to reach your goal.  Here are my goals for 2010:

1. Increase Squat PR’s by 15%.  That would get my back squat 1 rep max to 155.  My goal date is April 1st 2010.  To reach this goal I will practice squats 2 times a week (outside of my normal routine) alternating between heavy lift days and higher-rep lower weight days.  I’ll also incorporate reverse GHD into my warm-up at least 3 times a week as I have a weak lower back and I think this is preventing me from increasing my squat load.

2. 5 Dead Hang Pull-ups in a row.  My dead hang pull-ups come and go and I wish they were consistent.  My goal date is June 1st 2010.  I will start doing dead hang pull-ups in my warm-up (at least 10 – with a band).  I will practice hanging from the bar and doing farmer’s carry to improve my grip strength.

3.  Post at least 1 new recipe a week on this site for the next 9 months – until September 2010.  I will scour the internet for non-paleo recipes and will re-invent them to become paleo.  I will try to use more local and in-season ingredients to inspire others to do the same.  I would also like to not break my budget in this process.  

What are your goals?  Take a minute to reflect on your year and what you want to achieve in 2010.  By writing this post I’m making myself accountable to these goals.  I hope you do the same!